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Gavin writes;

The Escape Group of young mothers borrowed the project camera to film their home life and things in the community. As a group with me, they also filmed their children and then projected their images onto their own faces, which were then also filmed, for which they coined the title “Changing Faces”. They made the suggestion as to the projection of these images onto the exterior of the empty block of flats at Kessock Street North that are due to be demolished. These flats are in the very epicentre of “the Ferry” and stand as a physical symbol of their short life. Built in 1968 they present themselves like a monument to the cultural landscape all around them. We planned to make an evening of celebration of this cultural landscape using multiple projectors and a sound system, covering the building in a collage of images and sounds. 731 number one hit singles have been played in their time span and a sound track was prepared of all of these records. It was envisaged that the performance would start from now and run backwards to the date of first occupancy in 1968. The group declared an interest in recording the sounds that emerge from the “Ferry” and I suggested that in our music clock we can mix in fragments of daily life.

I filmed the Corbett Centre artists at work in the art.tm studio, featuring the lines and strokes made to build up the pictures. I edited a ten minute film, to which I added an original sound-track by a professional musician. The film “Line – art in the making” was featured at the opening of an exhibition of work by the artists at the Corbett centre on 27 October, which was well attended by artists and others.

Teenagers worked with me and IT worker in overhauling the mp33 website. Special software has been used to create a virtual 3D interior and a range of hotspots linked to other pages eg outings, organisations, jokes, football league etc. It is expected that the new IT Youth Worker will work with the youngsters in developing the website further, maximising the software available.


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