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Merkinch: Final Show  

There were 2 shows, the end of October saw the Corbett Centre video complete. It was collectively decided to call it “Line” and Billy got his son to design and print the cd sleeves. I made a large cotton screen for projection in the Corbett Centre and using the Highland Council PA system we presented the video to an invited audience at the Corbett centre on 27 October. Billy and Liz had prepared for exhibition many of the paintings featured in the video and a very dynamic evening was had by very interesting group. Everyone left with a copy of the video and an enthusiasm for the project. Then some of us went directly to outside the community centre where, using a small generator, we projected our pram/stairs video onto the 4-story block of flats where we had filmed the arduous task of getting home. This was filmed by members of the mums Escape group. Thanks to the Council for coming and switching off the streetlight they had very recently fixed, to allow our projections to work.

Saturday 13th November : North Kessock Court; 7.30 in the evening – the derelict flats were filled with life, making the tea, watching telly, going to sleep and many other films made by the Escape Group. Two large screens filled the stair-wells, one with a rolling index of all the number one hit records being played, the sound of the many notorious parties in these flats, heading back to 12th January 1968 (the day the keys were handed over for the flats) and the Beatles singing ‘Hello Goodbye’, The other screen capturing part of the liquid light show projected from 2 slide projectors over most of the back of the building (circa 1968)

3 projectors filled the 16 windows, another the screen in one of the stair-wells and another projecting from a neighbouring upstairs bedroom window onto the gable of the flats, filling it with images and text from pages of the Inverness Courier now to 1968.

The Escape Group’s video of them and their children was so powerful it was decided to edit it to a beautiful piece of music from Jamie Lockhart and project it onto the screen in the 2nd stair-well. The crane idea was dropped as it was too risky and also detracted from the central focus in the heart of Merkinsh. The money saved on the crane was spent on the catering, a burger van meeting the needs of an audience on a cold but mercifully mostly dry night.

Lots of people watched and this final dramatic performance could not have happened without the help and co-operation of the surrounding community, the housing department and the extended support team.


Download some quicktime movies from the Final Show:
Changing Faces (3Mb)  
Line (3Mb) Stairs (2Mb)
The movies will open in a new window — you may need to wait a few moments for the image to appear depending on the speed of your connection.



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