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Fort William
Ardnamurchan: Final Show  
The final show took place over 2 evenings 6th and 7th october 2004 at Seannlag Glenuig 7.30 - 9.30m and was attended by about 30 people from the local community.

Calum and I set up an outdoor cinema in the old unused Calor gas compound on the croft where I was staying to project the main work Invisible Places. We cut back all the undergrowth and laid down 4 tons of gravel in it to level the surface. Luckily the 2 days of torrential rain stopped on the day of the show, and we didn't need to dig any more drainage ditches. We got some scaffolding and the projection screen. We set up the old cottage next to the main house to host a reception and show other work in progress. I also had made a work called 'resolution response' I used two derelict fixed caravans and projected images into the main windows.

Invisible Places
Where are they? In your head? In the real world?

Secret places, abstract worlds, indescribable emotions, unrecognisable places, places that few people ever see, places that people look at but never see, frightening places, beautiful places, ugly places, big places, small places, places you dream about, invisible places.

I compiled the clips from all the young people and some of my own and made a representative selection editing three second segments intercut with black to the sound track of a buddhist prayer, “Kunrik” meaning all knowing. The work opens and closes with the sound of the fog horn at Ardnamurchan point, signals to the invisible, and the destruction of a tape of video footage. The rhythm of the edit reflects the chants and hand gestures of the monks. The end result is a meditative reflection on the invisible places of Ardnamurchan.

The soundtrack of Tashi Lhunpo monks performing Kunrik (all knowing) recorded live at the Sunart Centre, Strontian, August 2004. In Tibetan Buddhism, symbolism plays an important role in meditation and prayers. Kunrik is the name of a prayer of a Buddha. In this chant the monks, in ceremonial costumes, use hundreds of hand gestures of the 37 deities, each having a specific spiritual meaning. It is said that simply witnessing this practice prevents the audience members from taking rebirth in the lower realms. Tashi Lhunpo monks are specially trained in the art of hand symbolism.

Resolution and Response
2 projection installation in windows of 2 fixed caravans. One projection of a recording of trees on a hillside speeded up, the other of midges caught between two panes of glass.

there are no resolutions only responses

'any change is drawing, any movement is drawing, any transfer of energy is drawing, the process of change is continuous; the mapping of experience, an approximation of an idea, a conversation about everything that could happen'

'seeing is not as simple as it looks'


Ardnamurchan Zillij
We also showed this as a work in progress. It was finally launched at Dundee Contemporary Arts in November 2004. Click on the link to view the work.


Download a quicktime movie from the Final Show:
Invisible (30Mb)  
The movie will open in a new window — you may need to wait a few moments for the image to appear depending on the speed of your connection.



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