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Simon Fildes writes...

At the end of the residency the final works were shown in front of an invited audience at special event in the sports hall at Alness Academy Weds 26th May 2004. I think it worked really well considering the week before we had a dry run dress rehearsal that was a disaster!

We set up for the show at 6.30pm and one hour later an invited audience of about 30 people arrived in the sports hall. We showed 2 videos first "jump" and the diabolo film then the live show started.
‘Point and line to plane’ –,Interactive Sound and Video installation performance with live Skateboarders and bmx bikers. this live work explored the dynamics of the motion of the bmx’ers and skaters by creating marks on a 2 dimensional plane reflecting their motion. Also I wanted to explore the possibility of allowing the group control over the creation of the work live in front of an audience. I created a programme that would draw curved and straight lines of differing lengths depending on speed and direction of the participant. If no action took place within a 30 second period the programme would randomly place dots on the screen of different sizes.

Point and line to plane’ was created in Macromedia Flash and required 6 plywood skateboard ramps arranged in a cross shape covering about 5 metres sq, a Video projector, a projection screen 6 metres sq Apple Mac G4 laptop, 100m of cables, an xkeys interface and sensors. 3 skateboarders and 2 bmx bikers and a large indoor venue.

I made screen grabs of the resulting digital 'paintings' as they were being created and printed them out at the end of the show to hand out to the audience.

Download a quicktime movie from the Final Show:
Diabolo (15Mb) Jump (29Mb)
The movies will open in a new window — you may need to wait a few moments for the image to appear depending on the speed of your connection.


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