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Simon Fildes writes...

I said at the start of the project that I wanted to do something that no-one had done before and that if the group came on my journey I would go on theirs.

I made a sort of video diary with the group going out with them on their street skating expeditions and to various skateboard park where they practiced. I decided at the start it should be called jump to cover all the aspects of their activities. Skating, bmxing, biking, jumping anything that seemed to have possible risk of breaking a leg it seemed or getting moved on by someone. They were happy to have the camera around, they said people didn't hassle them as much. The music was created by a local band 'morpheum' who's members were involved in making the video.

I also worked with 2 guys who's obsession was juggling and diabolo. I helped them make a video of them showing off their skills while showing them how to use the kit.

Point and Line to Plane (and Half-Pipe)

"...line is an invisible entity. It is the trail left by the point in motion. Hence it comes about through movement – indeed by destroying the ultimately self-contained repose of the point. Here we have the leap from the static to the dynamic.
Kandinsky's intriguing work 'Point and Line to Plane' is the starting point for this work with the group.

Part of my project was to experiment with attaching electronic sensors to a skateboard ramp. The data collected from these sensors tracking the movement of the skateboards would be processed to create a dynamic painting with sound to be shown simultaneously. The boarders themselves would be able to influence the outcome of these paintings in the way they move.

The goal was be to show the work as a live performance at the end of May projecting the 'painting' as it happens. The opportunity to extend the works complexity and scope will be a fantastic challenge.

For myself as an artist the challenge of translating the dynamics of the group of skateboarders in to Kandinsky-like visuals and presenting this collaborative work is very exciting. This group have had little contact with the art of new-media and the project will hopefully inspire them to continue to manage and develop work for themselves.


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